Awesome Sea Views, Here Are The 10 Best Beach Hotels In Sabang, Aceh

Sabang is an island located in the westernmost part of Indonesia. Sabang has a very charming sea view, even the underwater beauty is the target of tourists. In addition, there are many interesting tourist objects to visit. The number of tourists who come makes the best beach hotels in Sabang to be sought after.

The enchanting natural beauty makes it an attraction for tourists. Even foreign tourists from Indonesia are also many who come to Sabang. Although Indonesia is better known as the islands of Bali and Lombok, the number of visitors to Sabang continues to increase every year. This is because the beauty of Sabang is not inferior to Bali or Lombok.

If you are on vacation to Sabang, you will not be satisfied if you don’t spend the night. It will be even more satisfying if you stay near the beach so you can immediately enjoy the view. It’s a loss if you stay in a city area that is already full of buildings. The following are recommendations for beach hotels for those of you who want to vacation in Sabang

1. Mars Resort Sabang

Hearing the word mars maybe in your mind this hotel will be red. But this 3-star hotel is not as red as you might think. Mars Resort Sabang is located on the edge of Anoi Itam Beach. So you can stay while enjoying the beauty of the beautiful beach.
This hotel is designed with a natural feel, the proof is that this hotel is surrounded by shady trees. So even though you are on the beach, you will still feel shady. The roof of this hotel is thatched so that it looks very natural. The beautiful environment is a tourist attraction.

2. Freddies Relaxing Sumurtiga

Right on the beach, you can see directly the blue of the beach when you open your eyes. The hotel is located on Jln. Happy, Skajaya has a private beach that visitors can enjoy. The calm atmosphere in this area attracts tourists for a relaxing holiday.
Enjoying the view above the hammock from morning to dusk is guaranteed to make you feel satisfied. This hotel has various facilities that support the comfort of its visitors such as a terrace, shower room, refrigerator in each room, even sports facilities are also available. Every year this hotel is never empty of tourist visits.

3. Mata Ie Resort

This hotel, which is located near Anoi Itam Beach, is a five-star hotel that has satisfying facilities. There are facilities that can support your comfort such as meeting rooms, restaurants, karaoke rooms, and conttages. In this hotel there is also a swimming pool and is very suitable for family vacations.
What most tourists like is that this hotel has a perfect view of the sunrise in the morning. The facilities in each room are also complete so that comfort is guaranteed. Around the hotel there is a beautiful flower garden and fish pond.

4. Pulau Weh Resort

Weh Island has a very beautiful natural charm. The view of the blue sea and underwater makes this hotel a lot of visitors. Many tourists dive on Pulau Weh. Every year Pulau Weh Resort is never empty of tourist visits.
Precisely this hotel is located on Jln. KM 0, Iboih Long Beach. There are complete facilities so as to support the comfort of visitors. There is a beautiful garden in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis hotel. The place has a calming and cool atmosphere that makes tourists interested in staying here.

5. Olala Cafe & Bungalows

This hotel is located on Iboih Beach and not far from Rubiah Island. You can try the canoeing facilities provided by the hotel. What attracts tourists is that this hotel has a balcony facing the sea view. So you can immediately see a clear view of the sea from where you are staying.
Other facilities provided include sports facilities, canoeing, and snorkeling. If you like diving you can see the beauty of the underwater world of Rubiah Island. In addition to friendly service here has a variety of food. There are vegetarian and continental foods.

6. Anoi Itam Resort

The hotel which has a multi-storey building structure is located on Jln. Anoi Itam Village Kingdom. There is something unique about this hotel, which is that many Japanese relics are found. The former corals were renovated again so that they become more aesthetic and become a tourist attraction. There are also gardens and ponds around the hotel, adding to the beauty of the hotel.
The swimming pool with the ocean background found here is very soothing to the eyes. Many activities that you can do at this hotel include fishing, snorkeling, trekking, swimming, and diving. In addition to satisfying views, this hotel also has complete facilities.

7. Yulia Bungalow

This hotel is located on the beach and precisely on Iboih Beach. You can relax in your room or hammocking on the chili terrace enjoying the view of the blue sea. There are shady trees around the hotel so it creates a shady atmosphere. There is also a garden so you can relax or take a walk in the garden.
The facilities in each room are also satisfying, one of which is there is a tv and free wifi. There are also sports equipment rentals, snorkeling and bicycles available. Its location on the beach makes tourists interested in staying here. In addition, you will also get friendly service.

8. Pele’s Place

Hotel in Sabang which is located on Jln. Jurong Teupin Layeu does not have a private beach like other hotels. But this hotel has the best location for you to snorkel. It is about 10 minutes by foot to reach the beach. The existence of a balcony will make you more satisfied to see the natural scenery in Sabang.
There are complete facilities at this hotel such as rental of sports equipment and snorkeling. Every room at this hotel has free wifi and is also equipped with air conditioning. Around the hotel there is a garden that makes visitors more comfortable staying there.

9. Casa Nemo Resort & Spa

If you stay at this hotel in Sabang, you will find art and unique wall properties. This place also provides facilities for a spa and a place for sunbathing. For those of you who want to have exotic skin, you should try staying here. This hotel is designed with natural nuances and the facilities are also satisfying.

10. Treetop Guesthouse and Bungalow

The next hotel in Sabang Just like at Casa Nemo Resort & Spa, here also provides a sunbathing area for those of you who want to have exotic skin. Other facilities besides sunbathing include taking yoga, snorkeling, and surfing classes. Located in a somewhat remote area so the atmosphere is calm, perfect for those of you who want to relax.

Of the ten recommendations for the best beach hotels in Sabang, you must try one of them while on vacation to Sabang. Every year Sabang is always full of local and foreign tourists. Therefore, you should plan your accommodation well in advance so you don’t run out.